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Certification In Entrepreneurship


National and International certification through NTS

in Collaboration with Ideagist and IIKI

Ideagist, the world's largest incubation platform and international institute for knowledge and innovation, collaborates with National Testing Service to offer a unique entrepreneurship certification.


What is Certification in Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship certification proves you know about starting and growing businesses. It helps people trust you and gives you more opportunities for success in the business world.

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Evaluation Areas for Assessment

  • Nomenclature in Entrepreneurship
  • The Startup Business as an Experiment
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities
  • Evaluating New Business Opportunities
  • Developing and Validating an MVP

  • Understanding of a Startup Development Stages
  • Investors and Investment in Startups
  • Legal Documentation
  • Leading and Managing Team
  • Understanding Growth Planning and Execution

Offers Two Certifications Through One Test

International Entrepreneurship Certifications

The International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (IIKI) is a well-established knowledge management organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a rich history spanning over three decades and a robust network of top experts.

Certification Price

Regular Price $100 Introductory Price $20

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National Entrepreneurship Certifications

COMSATS University is a trusted partner in Pakistan's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Since 1998, COMSATS University has 103 academic programs and a distinguished faculty of over 2,100. COMSATS University is poised to advance Pakistan's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Certification Price

Regular Price Rs.10,000 Introductory Price Rs.3000

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Organizations Behind this Certification

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