Coordination and Operations Division:

Coordination is responsible for identifying new future markets, marketing of NTS™ products, and coordinating with clients. Major chunk of coordination activities include resolving queries related to client/students, and coordinating with district offices for the smooth flow of operation during the tests.


As NTS™ is a multi-activity organization, it therefore works under well thought Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure professionalism in the activities and optimize the chances of success of each activity. The operation department is responsible for all the function like Candidate Registration Process; Test Preparation Process; Test Center Selection Process; Invigilation Process; Paper Checking Process; Data Entry Process; and many more.

Quality Assurance:

NTS™ conducts both online and paper-based tests. Standard SOPs are devised for every process of testing to ensure efficiency, reliability, accuracy and most importantly credibility of the entire system under strict security arrangements. Most modern technologies are used for building up of databank, paper generation, paper marking and compilation of result.

Academics and Research Division:

Contents is responsible for collecting contents related to the subjects being tested. The collection is submitted to the databank to be used for test purpose. The material for contents is contributed by academic committee that consists of university professors responsible for developing curricula, along with regulation and promoting consistent testing. The contents are then reviewed by peer review committee for quality check.

Business Promotion:

Business Promotion Department, established in November 2012, is striving to flourish and diversify future business activities of NTS™ having closure and consistent contact with various organizations through propagating new business portfolios and augmenting the productive future business relations with national and international organizations. It also aims to cater the overall business needs of NTS™ and its clientele assuring Human Resource Development (HRD).

Corporate Social Responsibility:

NTS has created a division Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in order to help and support the efforts in improving socio-economic condition of underprivileged, and make Pakistan a developed economy.

By joining our hands with the society, NTS is contributing for quality education in Pakistan as educated society ensures the sustainable growth of the Nation.

Under the initiatives, NTS supports such organizations, academia and individuals who are determined to focus on education, information technology, and issues that are fragmenting thesocietal fabrics.

From the day of NTS establishment in 2002 till today, NTS has expended around 150 million on Scholarships, Trainings, Educational Expo’s, Conferences, Donations and Sponsorships.

The core aims & objectives of CSR include:

  • To extend scholarships.
  • To support organizations programs, meetings, conference, exhibitions including international, etc. that may have objectives in compliance with NTS mission.
  • To support NTS Employees Welfare Fund.

  • The Beneficiaries may be:

  • Underprivileged and deserving students,
  • NTS staff and their spouse, and
  • Educational Institutions.

  • So far NTS has extended over 300 scholarships to needy students. This include scholarships to students and institutions of Baluchistan and remote areas like Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan

    Services and Corporate Affairs Division:

    TServices and Corporate Affairs Division is the support services arm of the National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS), which aims to facilitate in the smooth and seamless functioning of the overall organization for the attainment of its higher objectives. It is also responsible for dealing with matters pertaining to compliance with the regulatory framework applicable on the organization.

    The Division comprises of the following departments:

  • Human Resource
  • Administration
  • Audit and Accounts
  • Corporate Affairs
  • International Collaboration and Accreditation Division:

    The International Collaboration and Accreditation Division of NTS was created in October 2014. The overall purpose of the division is to develop linkages, networking, cooperate and collaborate with international organizations and educational institutions who are engaged in developing testing and assessment products, imparting education, training, capacity building, research and development and quality assurance. The division ensures NTS international engagements and promoting information exchange among organizations and agencies involved in the quality assurance of testing and assessment and thereby education.

    The division consists of following departments:

  • NTS-ETS Project
  • Office of Development